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Pharmalife Pharmacy


Pharmalife Pharmacy is a community pharmacy providing professional prescription services alongside traditional and non-traditional health care products and services. Pharmalife Pharmacy is located in Capilano Mall, North Vancouver.


Pharmalife Pharmacy  provides complete seniors’ pharmacy care – medication packaging and distribution, clinical support and consulting services balanced with the unique requirements of each resident in each home we service. We are dedicated to supporting the quality of life, well-being, and safety of long term care residents.











Seniors often need a higher level of medication management to maintain their quality of life; therefore geriatric pharmacy care goes beyond the conventional pharmacy role of filling prescriptions. It requires participation in a multidisciplinary healthcare team working with the physicians, nursing staff, the residents and their families.



  • Free Delivery for Prescriptions

  • Minimum dispensing fee and no mark up on medications, Best Prescription Prices

  • Blister Packaging for monthly, Bi-weekly and daily dispensing

  • Resident and Family meeting

  • One to One Consultation and Medication Review

  • "Tear and Take" Medication Packaging

  • Resident and Family Meetings

  • Assigned Billing Representative

  • Pharmacist available for questions


 Senior Client Services  at   Pharmalife Pharmacy
Medication Packaging Program   

Ease of Mind 







Our Medication Packaging Service assists our clients (your residents) and their caregiver professionals in the safe and effective administration of their medication. Errors such as missing or taking an additional dose, can cause health issues or prevent the effectiveness of intended treatment. Through separate division, organization and labeling of prescribed medications, the room for such errors will be eliminated.


Our medication Packaging Programs include Dispill (Tear & Take) ,Dosette packing, Blister Packing, PRN Packing, and vial packing (other options are available)


The service is free of charge (part of our client care program) and includes free daily and weekly and pre-scheduled deliveries within greater Vancouver area. 

MAR (Medication Administration Record) Sheets and Management


A variety of MARs will be provided to your facility in order to facilitate the administration process.

MARs can be customized (daily, weekly, monthly, facility wide, department wide and individual) based on needs and nature of your facility. 

Medication Management & Review        


Our expert pharmacists provide in-person medication review and management services on an individual basis, in order to address any questions or concerns. These quarterly consulting sessions educate our clients about the medications they consume, improve their understanding possible side effects, and will monitor any possibility of medication interactions.

Free GVA Delivery Service










Our logistic team will guarantee the timely and accurate delivery of prescriptions, over the counter medications, front-shop products and our related services to your facility. Our team of pharmacists, administrative task and delivery drivers will “guarantee” the reliability of our service. All deliveries are free of charge and include daily, weekly, monthly and single deliveries, based on the nature of service provided or the prescribed time frame for medications.


For our complete division of greater Vancouver area and more information, please clinck           .


Injections and Vaccinations


Our CPBC certified pharmacists provide “on-site” injections and seasonal vaccinations at the convenience of facility’s management, staff and most importantly the residents. Our Medical Management and Review program gives our pharmacists the opportunity to schedule these vaccinations and also discuss any possible allergies or drug interactions prior to vaccination.




Pet Remedies is a professional division of Pharmalife Pharmacy, that specializes in creating custom pet medications. We are able to prepare different dosage forms and compound most commercially unavailable products with the highest quality and the most competitive prices.


The Pet Remedies team at Pharmalife Pharmacy is a complete group of trained and certified pharmacists and chemists who use their specialized set of skills to offer customized solutions for veterinarians.

As a pharmacy that is registered with the College of Pharmacists of BC and the British Columbia Pharmacy Association (BCPHA), we carry a complete inventory of commercially made medications with DIN (Drug Identification Number), which will give you access to a variety of medications with lower prices and excellent quality.




Pet Remedies compounds special dosage forms and strengths that are uniquely made for your patients. The following types of products can be compounded:


  • Powder/Oil-filled capsule
  • Tablets/Flavoured tablets
  • Chewable treats
  • Transdermal gels
  • Suppositories
  • Creams
  • Oral pastes
  • Ophthalmic preparations
  • Polyox Bandage




















Some animals are less accepting of medication than others. Working closely with pet owners and veterinarians, our compounding specialists can custom-flavour medications to fit the tastes and preferences of each animal. We are also able to mix two or three flavours to make the medications even tastier!




We are obsessed with the quality of our products. The potencies of all our ingredients are tested at PCCA (Professional Compounding Centres of America) laboratories and we make sure facility and equipment are compliant with USP <797".



Often times, a pet has to take multiple medications to help with a certain medical condition.  We can compound the needed dosages for all the medications into a single capsule  or liqiud, saving you time, money, and scratched or bit hands.



At Pet Remedies we are able to use organic meat (such as chicken, tuna, beef, etc. ...) in some of the medications. The animals will therefore take their medications while eating a healthy meal which does not have

any preservatives!




  • We are conveniently open and available 7 days a week.

  • We offer the most competitive prices without sacrificing the quality

  • We provide free same/next day shipment without any minimum order.

  • We will take back our compounded medication if it expires on you shelf and give you credit for it*

  • We offer 3rd party quality analysis upon request.**

  • We will replace our products if you are not satisfied with it.

  • We offer many different dosage forms and flavours.

  • We offer your hospital a direct representative who will make sure you and your patients are well taken care of.





  *Subject to restocking fees

  **Subject to additional changes



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