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Prescription Services



               Pharmalife Pharmacy has you covered!

                  Transfer, Refill, Reminder, Delivery, Disposal,...




Pharmalife Pharmacy offers a competitive dispensing fee and no mark up on all of prescription medications.

We work closely with medical clinics and doctors and assure our client to get the best medical care and attention.

Our professional and knowledgeable staff provides one on one consultation when you fill a new or refilled prescription.

We are always a phone call away if you have a question or concern about your medication.

Our pharmacist will take the time to check for, and advise you on, possible drug/supplement interactions and side effects that might affect your well being.

So Many Easy ways to   Refill Your Medication

Pharmalife Pharmacy offers easy refill for your prescription, through the phone or on-line.

We are also in close contact with doctors and clinics and will make sure you will never be left without your medication if your doctor is not available.

Transfering Your Prescriptions is Easy

If your prescription is in another pharmacy and you would like to fill it at Pharmalife Pharmacy, the transfer is very quick and easy. All we need is your current medication information on the bottle.

We can transfer all of your prescriptions from any pharmacy nation wide to Pharmalife Pharmacy just by a phone call. ( Call 778-340-1800 and tell us you want to transfer your prescriptions to Pharmalife)


We Remeber to Refill,
So you don't have to!

If there are one or more medications that you take regularly, we can help you not to forget to refill it on time. We can have your medication ready a few days before you run out of it, also remind you of picking it up or even deliver it to your door. It can’t get more convenient! 

Medication Disposall

Expired and unused prescription medications are often left lying in medicine cabinets and cupboards. This leads to their potential misuse and abuse.

Adults and seniors may inadvertently take expired or unused prescription medications that are no longer effective. This can have dangerous interactions with other medications.

Bring your expired or unused prescription and non-prescription medications to Pharmalife Pharmacy. We can dispose of them in an environmentally responsible manner.

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