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ABOUT               PET REMEDIES



Pet Remedies is a professional division of Pharmalife Pharmacy (a licensed compounding pharmacy), that specializes in creating custom pet medications that meet the unique needs of each animal.


We are able to prepare different dosage forms and compound most commercially unavailable products using a vast number of active pharmaceutical ingredients with the highest quality and the latest compounding equipment.



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The Pet Remedies team at Pharmalife Pharmacy is a complete group of trained and certified pharmacists and chemists who use their specialized set of skills to offer customized solutions for veterinarians.


As a Pharmacy that is registered with the College of Pharmacists of BC and the British Columbia Pharmacy Association (BCPHA) , we carry a complete inventory of commercially made medications with DIN (Drug Identification Number), which will give you access to a variety of medications with lower prices and excellent quality.

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Our goal as a caring and highly-qualified compounding pharmacy is to provide the most competitive prices and services for our products while maintaining the high quality standards that you are looking for.

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P: 778-340-1800



Pet Remedies,

A division of Pharmalife Pharmacy

60-935 Marine Dr. North Vancouver



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