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We Care;

WE will be there when YOU need us


Resident Care:

Client Care program is all about Resident Care. Our services are exclusive to your senior residents and our goal is to have a part in improving their health and wellness, and facilitate their medication application process. The program will assign a direct agent to your facility, available 7 days a week, in order to be contacted by any of our clients within your facility in case of any non-emergency needs or concerns. Our pharmacy is open 7 days a week (8 hours per day) and our pharmacists will be glad to assist our clients with all their concerns (Emergency or Non-Emergency) through our communication network.


Nurse Care:                                                 At Pharmalife, we understand the importance of caregivers and the significance of the service they provide.

Our Packaging and MAR Management Services are designed to assist caregivers in medicine administration process through improving the liability and effectiveness of the process. Our Medication Review program prevents any possible negative medication interaction, and our communication system makes our entire team accessible to your staff and residents.

We are a phone call away from nurses in your facility to answer all the questions about residents medications, to recieve orders, to schedule a visit and more. 


Family Care:

Our Senior Client Care agents and pharmacists are in place to provide direct customer service. It is their job to ensure the constant and reliable provision of our services, address any concerns, and be the first point of contact for non-emergency customer service inquires. The assigned direct agent’s contact information will be provided to each of our clients upon admission, which can be shared with others (Their Doctors, Nurses and Families) as they wish.

We will welcome not only the resident but the family members to sit down with and talk to us about any concern, question or special medicinal help that their loved one may require and we, at Pharmalife Pharmacy, will be happy to take care of it.

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