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Senior Care in Long Term Care Facilities




















Our Senior Client Care Program at Pharmalife Pharmacy is a specialized division dedicated to servicing senior homes, assisted living centres, and nursing homes. With its unique and beyond the norm quality and services, the Client Care Program ensures the accuracy of medication packaging and timed delivery along with more than ever offered services for nurses, seniors and their families.


Pharmalife Pharmacy is committed to helping seniors live a healthier life and have a better understanding and use of their medications.



Some of our services include:



  • Medication packaging (rosette, blister pack, Dispill, PRN pack, Vial)

  • Monthly MAR sheets and management

  • Medication management and review on quarterly basis at the convenience of the resident’s home

  • Injection and vaccination

  • Free Daily Delivery (specialized delivery and admistration/accurate and timely daily delivery)

  • Specialty compounding

  • Running Educational clinics

  • Operation of a in house mini pharmacy



Our Services:

Medication Packaging Program   

Ease of Mind 


Our Medication Packaging Service assists our clients (your residents) and their caregiver professionals in the safe and effective administration of their medication. Errors such as missing or taking an additional dose, can cause health issues or prevent the effectiveness of intended treatment. Through our separate division and organization and labeling of prescribed medications, the room for such errors will be eliminated.


Our Medication Packaging Programs include Dispill (Tear & Take) ,Dosette Packing, Blister Packing, PRN Packing, and Vial packing (other options are available).


The service is free of charge (part of our client care program) and includes free daily and weekly and pre-scheduled deliveries within Greater Vancouver Area. 

MAR (Medication Administration Record) Sheets and Management


A variety of MARs will be provided to your facility in order to facilitate the administration process.


MARs can be customized (daily, weekly, monthly, facility wide, department wide and individual) based on the needs and nature of your facility. 

Medication Management and Review          


At Pharmalife, our expert pharmacists provide in-person medication review and management services on an individual basis, in order to address any questions or concerns. These quarterly consulting sessions educate our clients about the medications they consume, improve their understanding possible side effects, and will monitor any possibility of medication interactions.


Free GVA Delivery Service


Our logistic team will guarantee the timely and accurate delivery of prescriptions, over the counter medications, front-shop products and our related services to your facility. Our team of pharmacists, administrative task and delivery drivers will “guarantee” the reliability of our service. All deliveries are free of charge and include daily, weekly, monthly and single deliveries, based on the nature of service provided or the prescribed time frame for medications.


For our complete division of greater Vancouver area and more information, please click           .



Injections and Vaccinations


Our CPBC certified pharmacists provide “on-site” injections and seasonal vaccinations at the convenience of facility’s management, staff, and most importantly the residents. Our Medical Management and Review program gives our pharmacists the opportunity to schedule these vaccinations and also discuss any possible allergies or drug interactions prior to vaccination.


Running Educational Clinics


Our educational clinics will assist the education of your residents in all areas of health and wellness. Through these clinics, our pharmacists can connect with your residents, inquire about their concerns, and build a friendly relationship.


Annual Clinics Include:

  • Allergy

  • Asthma

  • Blood Cholesterol

  • Blood Glucose

  • Blood Pressure & Pulse

  • Colorectal Disease Education

  • Diabetes

  • A1C Screening

  • Foot Care Education

  • ​HRT/Menopause

  • Osteoporosis

  • Body Composition

  • Heart Risk Assessment

  • Breast Screening Education

  • Weighing the Facts (Basal Metabolic Rate Assessment)

  • Cold & Flu

  • Skin Cancer Awareness




We Care; WE will be there when YOU need us

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Resident Care:


Our Client Care program is all about Resident Care. Our services are exclusive to your senior residents and our goal is to have a part in improving their health and wellness, and facilitate their medication application process. The program will assign a direct agent to your facility, available 7 days a week, in order to be contacted by any of our clients within your facility in case of any non-emergency needs or concerns. Our pharmacy is open 7 days a week (8 hours per day) and our pharmacists will be glad to assist your residents with all their concerns (Emergency or Non-Emergency) through our communication network.


For more information about Pharmalife Pharmacy's Senior Care Services for your Residents please call us at 778-340-1800.



Nurse Care:                                                  


At Pharmalife, we understand the importance of caregivers and the significance of the service they provide. Our Packaging and MAR Management Services are designed to assist caregivers in the medicine administration process through improving the liability and effectiveness of the process. Our Medication Review program prevents any possible negative medication interaction, and our communication system makes our entire team accessible to your staff and residents.


We are only a phone call away - your facility's nurses can call us with questions about resident's medications, to place orders, to schedule a visit, and more. 


For more information about Pharmalife Pharmacy's Senior Care Services for nurses in your facility please call us at 778-340-1800.




Family Care:


Our Senior Client Care agents and pharmacists are in place to provide direct customer service. It is their job to ensure the constant and reliable provision of our services, address any concerns, and be the first point of contact for non-emergency customer service inquires. The assigned direct agent’s contact information will be provided to each of our clients upon admission, which can be shared with others (their Doctors, Nurses and Families) as they wish.


We will welcome not only the residents but their family members too, to sit down with and talk to us about any concerns, question or special medicinal help that their loved ones may require.


For more information about Pharmalife Pharmacy's Senior Care Services for the family members of your residents please call us at 778-340-1800.





At Pharmalife Pharmacy, we have designed our Senior Client Care Program to satisfy your entire medicinal needs by providing a comprehensive list of services, over and beyond the mere supply/provision of medication. 

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