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Dosage Forms

Compounding allows veterinarians to broaden their prescribing abilities and offer dosage forms that are patient-specific in strength and form; for this reason, Pet Remedies compounds special dosage forms and strengths that are uniquely made for your patients. The following types of products can be compounded:


  • Powder/Oil filled Capsules

  • Tablets/Flavoured Tablets

  • Suspensions and Solutions

  • Chewable Treats

  • Transdermal Gels

  • Suppositories

  • Creams

  • Oral Pastes

  • Ophthalmic preparations




Often times, a pet will have to take a number of medications to help with a certain medical condition (e.g. heart problems). Giving three separate drugs can be inconvenient and costly. We can compound the needed dosages for all three medications into a single capsule saving you time, money, and scratched or bit hands.

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