Some animals are less accepting of medication than others. 

For instance, whereas dogs are seldom picky, “there’s an art to flavouring for cats”.

Cats, dogs, exotic pets and even zoo animals also are prime candidates for flavoured medication. 

Cats don’t like pills, but they do like fish. Dogs may not appreciate a squirt of traditional medication into their mouths, but they will gladly take it if it tastes like chicken.

Working closely with pet owners and veterinarians, our compounding specialists can custom-flavour medications to fit the tastes and preferences of any kind of  animal. There are beef, cheese, chicken and liver flavours for dogs and in addition fish for cats. 

Horses prefer alfalfa, cherry, apple, carrot  and molasses. Even birds, rodents and  reptiles have flavour preferences that can  be met by a compounding pharmacist.

Like humans, some animals may require alternate medication forms such as pastes,  custards, or traditional pet biscuits and treats.




In addition to the traditional flavour options, we are able to use organic meat (such as chicken, tuna, etc. …) upon your request in some of the medications such as oral pastes so that the animals are taking the medications while eating a healthy meal.

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